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Trachycarpus Princeps -Beautiful & Rare Garden Palm.

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Trachycarpus is a genus of palm growing often at high altitude in areas around the Himalayas in India, Nepal, Burma  and China.

The high altitudes expose these palms to temperature extremes and heavy snow, which enables the genus to grow well in the UK. 

 Cold hardy down to about -15 degrees C. when mature .


Trachycarpus Princeps (Prince of Palms), is a fairly new palm to cultivation & the jewel in the crown for hardy palms collectors!

Only discovered in the 1990's on a single cliff in Stonegate Gorge between China & Burma. This is how it obtained its common name 'Stonegate Palm' . Trachycarpus Princeps main charecteristic is its unusual blue-green leaves with silver undersides. Still difficult to get hold of, there are no large plants to be found. We have a few hundred younger plants in production.

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3-year old Trachycarpus Princeps 

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Growing a tropical looking garden in the temperate UK 

climate is not as difficult as you may think. with increasing amounts of suitable plants in cultivation. The backbone of any tropical garden must be the dependable TRACHYCARPUS FORTUNEI. 

Trachycarpus Fortunei is native to Asia and range from the Himalayas to eastern China. Trachycarpus Fortunei often grows at high altitude around the foothills of the Himalayas. In this area, Trachycarpus Fortunei  has adapted to extreme conditions and snow fall. Trachycarpus Fortunei is known to withstand temperatures below -10C and possibly -15C.

This adaptations by Trachycarpus Fortunei  make it a great candidate for a British tropical garden, its almost a must have species.

More recently, new Trachycarpus species have come into cultivation. Of note are

Trachycarpus Princeps or Stonegate Palm, whos silvery blue leaves (particularly on the undersides) make it most striking.

Trachycarpus Nove, also known as Green Princeps comes from the same area but is much faster grower. Its thought Trachycarpus Nova is the fastest growing species of Trachycarpus. 

Trachycarpus Nova is less hardy than the other Trachycarpus species, maybe hardy down to around -8C, probably more when established. 

Please note that if your Trachycarpus Fortunei or any other species of Trachycarpus is grown in a pot or container, it may still require winter protection to avoid the pot freezing solid. If small, its ideal to move your Trachycarpus Fortuneii to a greenhouse of conservatory.

TRACHYCARPUS.CO.UK is the website of COLDJUNGLE growing cold hardy garden palms and many types of trachycarpus palms. We mostly grow our own palm trees from seed here in Britain so they are fully acclimatised to our climate. We have stock of both rare and commonly used palms in UK gardens. Over 1500 garden palms in stock.

Other species of Trachycarpus  which are becoming more popular are:

Trachycarpus Latisectus

Trachycarpus Martianus

Trachycarpus Nanus

Trachycarpus Takil

Trachycarpus Germinisectus

Trachycarpus Ukhrulensis

Trachycarpus Manipur or Naga Hills

Trachycarpus Fortunei Naini Tal. This particular Trachycarpus is exposed to severe winter temperatures and is said to be the most hardy . Possibly able to withstand -20C.

Using plants like Trachycarpus Fortunei  to provide a focal point in your "cold Jungle" you can than add the very tropical looking Hardy Banana.

The natural history of the hardy banana is very similar to the natural history of Trachycarpus Fortunei. Again growing in tropical areas but at high altitude has adapted these plants to become cold tolerant.

Hardy Bananas are not as hardy as Trachycarpus Fortunei. They require careful protection over winter to survive. In a mild winter, the whole stem survives and the plant resumes its growth from the height achieved the previous summer. In severe winters, even with protection the stem can become frozen and die. In the spring, the hardy banana will grow new shoots from the root.














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Coldjungle can deliver Cold Hardy palms such as Trachycarpus Fortunei  or Hardy Banana Musa Basjoo to the following areas. We do not deliver to the Isle of Man or Scottish Highlands.